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WinAuth Server – Editing the shared settings file

WinAuth Server – Editing the shared settings file

After installing your Windows Authentication Server it is now time to look at the Shared Settings.
This is the place in which to configure the folders that should be accessible to users in the XpressDox Explorer.
Users will have access to these folders as well as sub-folders.

  1. Open the sharedFolders.txt file in [YourInstallPath]\XpressDoxWinAuth\SharedSettings.
    Here is where you can decide which root folders should be displayed.
    An example might be:

    In this example C:\XpressDoxTemplates is the location of the templates. Make sure that this path is visible by the server. It is not necessary to display folders such as CodeTemplates, Masters and Datasets to the users but they do need to be visible by the server.
  2. Open the DocumentAssembly.config.xml located in [YourInstallPath]\XpressDoxWinAuth\SharedSettings.
    • Ensure that SharedFoldersFileName contains the above file
    • Provide a label for the shared folders. This is what the users will see when they open the XpressDox Explorer

  3. Open the DocumentAssembly.config.xml in [YourInstallPath]\XpressDoxWinAuth\HomeConfiguration
    • The SharedSettingsConfigurationFolder should contain the folder specified in points 1 and 2 above i.e. [YourInstallPath]\XpressDoxWinAuth\SharedSettings\
    • And the SharedFoldersFileName must be the name of txt file specified in point 1 e.g. SharedFolders.txt